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Dr. Shawn Dhillon MD headshot

Meet Our Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D., DAASEM, DNBPAS
Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Specialist in Internal Medicine, Primary Care, Preventive Cardiovascular Care and Adult Medical Care

According to Dr. Dhillon, our health is our most valuable asset. But the current state of healthcare in this country has many patients neglecting their health due to busy schedules and long wait times at doctors. The current system focuses on “sick care,” not “healthcare,” leaving patients to seek care only when they are ill and have no other option. Dr. Dhillon wants to turn that around, and focus instead on AFFORDABLE preventative care and wellness plans, so his patients can live long and happy lives. Anytime DRs  provides discounted concierge primary care amongst a host of other discounted and at cost healthcare and wellness services, asking one to “experience the difference and see the results.”  

Early Life & Education

Dr. Dhillon spent several years of his childhood in Barranquilla, Columbia, in South America. It was here that the Latin American sense of family values, along with the rich tradition of heritage and culture was instilled in him, and he brings those values into his practice. Dr. Dhillon is fluent in Spanish, English, and two dialects of the Indian language, Punjabi and Hindi.

Born and raised in Baltimore at Sinai Hospital, Dr. Dhillon graduated from Friends School, Loyola University (Baltimore), Ross University School of Medicine, and trained at Union Memorial Hospital. He began his private practice in internal medicine in 2002. For over a decade, he has lectured nationally on the various elements and components of metabolic syndrome as well as acute and chronic pain management.

Dr. Dhillon’s Passion for Proactive, Affordable Healthcare

Dr. Dhillon’s passion has been to focus on wellness and prevention with a desire to practice proactive healthcare and not sick-care. After 16 years of running an insurance-based medical practice, Dr. Dhillon has now focused on the emerging trend of concierge healthcare.

“In the past, I never felt that concierge medicine was for me. I always wanted to take care of the working folks. The people that would often be sent to inner city clinics, far away from private practice settings which is what has kept me in my current office location for well over a decade. But recent events have changed my approach to healthcare but my approach on who I want to provide healthcare to.” – Dr. Dhillon

Dr. Dhillon’s desire to follow the emerging trend towards concierge healthcare stems from several recent incidents and events that made him realize the world of healthcare had truly  changed forever.

“I always felt that insurance companies and hospital administrations were patient advocates. I sincerely believed that healthcare insurances wanted the best for their beneficiaries.” Dr. Dhillon states that the inability to actually care for patients and to be a glorified documenter for insurance companies coerced him to get back to the basics of what aspired him to fulfill his dream of becoming a primary care provider, taking care of patients in an arena that no one wants to join. “The trend towards a private primary care practice has all but diminished, as younger, graduating docs join larger groups with consolidated, volume based contracts with large insurers or become shift work hospitalists, working roughly the equivalent of 6 months a year, while being handsomely compensated.”

Dr. Dhillon states that the joy of being able to actually spend the necessary time with a patient, to go over relevant & appropriate healthcare literature, labs, data in addition to answering all questions fully and satisfactorily is reinstalling a sense of optimism in him. “To know and feel confident that I can once again allocate the vital time & effort needed to assist my patients without having to run in and out of exam rooms with a laptop in my arms is a great feeling.”

dr shawn dhillon MD baltimore md

The Problem with Healthcare

Dr. Dhillon states that the current path in traditional primary care is unfortunately and viciously spiraling towards a dead end. There is no apparent support from any current system or organization to assist or attempt to revamp traditional primary care. “There is no feasible way to overcome the growing hurdles and obstacles of increasing overhead, decreased reimbursement, tons of paperwork and a sicker patient demographic, requiring more time and care along with the inevitably increasing demand for proof of documentation to insurers, despite having spent more than adequate time diagnosing, managing and treating our patients”, says Dr. Dhillon.

The advent of such horrific  changes to the humble world of healthcare in such a short period of time is what has convinced many private practitioners to seek alternative methods of providing care to patients. Dr. Dhillon further states, “this is the perfect storm, the healthcare tsunami has yet to surface, when it does, and it will, it is going to be absolutely devastating & unfortunately too late.”

Dr. Dhillon Featured In

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Organizations & Activities

Throughout his career, he has been an active member of many organizations and been involved in numerous activities in the medical field, including:

  • National Lipid Association
  • American Society of Hypertension
  • The American Society of Bariatric Physicians
  • American Academy of Sleep Medicine
  • Former president of the AASEM (American Academy of Sensory Electrodiagnostic Medicine), Baltimore Chapter
  • Active member of the Maryland state medical society, MedChi
  • Former national chairman and current board member of the AASEM (American Academy of Sensory & Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  • Associate preceptor with Drexel University
  • Member of the Scientific Medical (Sci-Med) Advisory Board of ID Life
  • Current president of AIRS (American Institute of Research Studies)
  • Actively involved with several non-profit organizations and numerous philanthropic activities

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