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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concierge healthcare?

An emerging trend in modern healthcare allowing for a more individualized & personalized approach to patient-centered healthcare.

Why is concierge healthcare needed?

For many reasons:

  • Long wait times or inability to conveniently get in and see your Doctor for an appointment.
  • High insurance deductibles and costly co-pays leading to lack of preventative care and wellness visits on a regular or as needed basis.
  • Inability to communicate directly with your Doctor by cell phone, text, e-mail or in person WHEN needed.
  • No health insurance or coverage due to very high and costly premiums with skyrocketing health insurance deductibles, leaving the present & future to only chance, fate & karma.
What is special about this concept of AnytimeDRs?

The cost for quality service & concierge healthcare!

  • Around the clock access to your AnytimeDRs with direct and convenient communication & availability by cellphone, text, e-mail or in person. This allows for Personalized & Individualized healthcare, much like any other First Class or VIP service.
  • Same or next day appointments.
  • Immediate pickup or return calls from your AnytimeDRs, usually within the hour. No need to speak with staff or receptionist.
  • At Cost blood work, imaging services, medications and discounted access to chiropractic, dental & vision services.
How does Anytime DRs compare to an Urgent Care Center or Emergency Room?

There is no comparison! Why? With AnytimeDRs…..

  • Minimal or no wait times, with same or next day appointments.
  • No co-pays or deductibles.
  • Around the clock availability.
  • Peace of mind with continuity of care.
  • Affordable & convenient access based on your schedule.
Why are the fees so low to join?

For many reasons…

  • The founding partners wish to provide quality & convenient access to concierge healthcare for the general public at a price that is affordable.
    Concierge healthcare should be available to all, not just the rich & wealthy.
  • Access to quality concierge healthcare focusing on prevention & overall wellness should be affordable to ALL!
  • The founder of AnytimeDRs was born in the USA. He is a licensed, board-certified medical doctor, practicing for nearly 20 years. He wishes to utilize the relationships he has acquired & respectfully developed over the years & decades with affiliated healthcare services and providers to help & benefit the many individuals in need of access to affordable and quality concierge healthcare.
How do I join?

It is simple & easy!….

  • Submit your name and contact information.
  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Show up to your initial (up to 90 minutes) health assessment and preventative consultation and visit.
  • Fill out paperwork, undergo history & preventative physical examination and assessment along with all indicated testing
  • Enjoy the MANY benefits of affordable, timely, & convenient access to your AnytimeDRs, anytime, anywhere!

Experience the Difference,
See the Results