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Anytime DRs Addresses the Limitations of Our Current Healthcare System by Providing Affordable Concierge Medicine with a Twist!

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D. creates Anytime DRs to provide convenient, affordable concierge healthcare for the general working public

Dr. Shawn Dhillon MD headshotAfter nearly two decades spent in a fee-for-service, insurance-based primary care medical practice, Dr. Shawn Dhillon has decided to focus on the emerging trend of concierge healthcare but with a twist. He’s bringing proactive, concierge healthcare with the affordable elements of DCP (direct primary care) to the masses instead of just the wealthy. The type of people who not only work hard, but also may not have the time, ability or resources to take time off work for routine office visits.

“We are bringing back the long-lost doctor-patient relationship of the past with direct access to your personal physician by phone, text or email, along with same-day or next-day, unhurried appointments. Our mission is simple: access to convenient and affordable healthcare focusing on prevention and wellness. What was once considered healthcare for the wealthy and affluent is now available to everyone!”

Due to insurance coverage with large co-pays and monthly premiums as well as a rise in high deductible health plans along with a growing shortage of primary care physicians, patients aren’t getting all they should out of the healthcare system, creating a huge unmet need. The average American spends 2 weeks waiting for a doctor’s appointment, 40 minutes waiting in the lobby, 20 minutes waiting in an exam room and only 7 minutes with the physician. We believe that healthcare should be more efficient. That patients should receive proactive care and that patients should be able to afford their healthcare and not be restricted on treatment options due to insurance restrictions.

“Health is our most valuable asset. At Anytime DRs we are all about the patient. We are your true partner and advocate in health.”

Anytime DRs’ fundamental principle is “ACA” – affordable, convenient access. We provide a more affordable option than many other concierge providers. With an Anytime DRs membership, patients get easy access to a primary care doctor whenever they need it, comprehensive initial and yearly physicals, face-to-face doctor visits, same or next-day appointments, as well as access to services, such as preventative screenings, not traditionally covered by insurance, at a discounted rate. There are no co-pays, no deductibles and no hidden fees. Catching health problems early is the key to taking back control before an issue becomes worse. This is why we offer preventative screenings for cancer and heart disease that most insurance plans are unlikely to cover.

By fully committing to each and every patient, Anytime DRs can catch health problems sooner and develop a treatment plan right away. Doing so helps our patients avoid unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits or hospitalizations. Affordable concierge medicine is the answer patients have been looking for.

About Anytime DRs  and Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D.

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D., DAASEM, DNBPAS, is the chief medical officer, founding member, and managing partner for Anytime DRs. He is also board-certified in both internal medicine and electrodiagnostic medicine. Dr. Dhillon set out to create AnytimeDRs in Baltimore, MD to provide convenient and affordable concierge healthcare access, anytime, anywhere, and to everyone. He is a strong proponent that concierge healthcare should not just be available to the wealthy, but also to the general working public.