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It’s Time Primary Care Evolved to Put the Patient First

Are you sick and tired of huge co-pays and large deductibles? Of receiving large medical bills that in previous years were covered by your health insurance plan?

Are you stuck with “sick care” and not the “healthcare” insurance you actually thought you had?

Are you tired of not being able to get the best possible care due to insurance restrictions and regulations that limit your treatment and doctor options?

Are you tired of waiting days to get into your doctor, only to wait once again in the waiting room and finally getting barely 5-7 minutes face to face time with your doctor while he or she is mainly focused on staring at the computer and typing the visit into their laptop? Many doctors don’t have time to see patients more than once a year for a few minutes.

If you answered yes to ANY of these questions, it is time for you to consider joining the growing wave of the future of primary care! Concierge Healthcare!

Dr. Shawn Dhillon MD headshotHello, I am Dr. Shawn Dhillon, CMO at AnytimeDRs, affordable concierge healthcare, where you receive the quality healthcare that you deserve when you need it! At AnytimeDRs we are all about the patient, we are your true partner in health. We are bringing back the long lost Doctor-Patient relationship of the past, with DIRECT access to your personal physician by cellphone, text or e-mail, along with same or next day, unhurried visits.

Our mission is simple: Access to Convenient and Affordable Healthcare, focusing on prevention and wellness.

We start by getting to know you in detail, everything from family history to work, social and personal lifestyle, we then customize and tailor a proactive strategy to determine your risk for heart disease, stroke or cancer. We do this by simply ordering the specific bloodwork and diagnostic tests you need to stay healthy. These tests are typically NOT covered by traditional insurance plans and that is why we offer them at incredibly discounted rates with complete cost transparency BEFOREhand, no hidden fees and no additional costs!

The Sad State of Our Current Healthcare System

When is the last time you knew up front how much your Dr or ER visit would cost? With monthly premiums, then co-pays, then deductibles, it is unlikely that you are actually getting any healthcare at all, as a matter of fact, the number of so called healthcare plans and policies with astronomical premiums and deductibles have grown dramatically over the last several years.

It is often said that in life that there are no guarantees….in this case, there is a likely exception, you ARE guaranteed to continue paying premiums, co-pays and deductibles until they are met for the year, which more often than not they never are and before you know it, it’s December 31st and it starts all over again the next day. Unfortunately, this is the reality for the vast majority of individuals and families. This is the sad state of the incredibly broken healthcare system in our country, where folks are stuck with reactive “sickcare”, in essence, catastrophic insurance coverage and not the proactive “healthcare” that is truly needed and deserved! You basically have to get sick to get better.

How We Put a Twist on Direct Primary Care

Primary care revolves around the patient-doctor relationship but the status of our current healthcare system really puts a strain on this relationship in many ways. For many patients it has become expensive reactive care instead of affordable proactive healthcare.

traditional direct primary care limitations

Primary Care Offers Limited Benefits for Patients and Doctors

How the Traditional Primary Care Model Works and What’s Wrong With It

A traditional primary care doctor is often chosen by a patient after they have checked their health insurance provider’s website to find a doctor who is in-network, accepting new patients and is located close to their home or office. And most patients tend to wait until they are sick to make an appointment. And in many cases, patients are seen by a provider who is not the patient’s physician such as a physician assistant or nurse practitioner.

Here are a few of the problems with traditional primary care

  • Fragmented care where patients are not seen by the same doctor each visit or are seen by mid-level providers such as physician assistants or nurse practitioners.
  • Impersonal care and experience. Many traditional primary care offices are larger, more crowded and often less personal which makes close professional relationships with patients difficult.
  • Production oriented and insurance dictated. With traditional primary care practices reimbursement to the physician is primarily based on the number of patients seen – not the quality of care provided. This means that in order for a primary care doctor to earn enough to keep their practice open they have to limit the time they spend with each patient and focus on quantity over quality.
  • Interference from third parties. Did you know that insurance companies and/or the government can modify the care and recommendations provided by the physician which frequently is NOT in the patient’s best interest. This means that insurance companies can dictate the care you receive as a patient which can result in you not getting the best treatment or care available.
  • Reactionary “sick” care. Most traditional primary care practices are so overloaded that there isn’t time for wellness and proactive healthcare visits. In fact, most practices make you wait weeks just to get an appointment when you’re already sick.
  • Inconvenience. Due to how insurance companies reimburse physicians, most traditional practices are overloaded with patients which limits appointment options and frequently causes patients to wait weeks to get seen.
  • Hidden fees. Traditional primary care doctors typically don’t publish charges and fees due to third party payer (insurance) system which makes it difficult to know how much you owe at your appointment or what you may later receive a bill for that wasn’t covered by insurance.

How Health Insurance is Making Healthcare Worse

Health insurance companies tend to be one of the biggest reason for the failure in traditional primary care. Insurance companies, like other businesses, are set up to make a profit and to do this they had to limit benefits, raise premiums and cut pay to physicians.  As a consequence, physicians became more concerned with how to please and cooperate with insurance companies rather than focusing exclusively on patient care.

In order for physicians to make a profit in the world of HMOs and PPOs, they had to increase patient volume dramatically which reduces face-to-face time during visits, increases appointment waiting times, and makes medical offices and staff large (and often impersonal) in order to handle the increased volume. And on top of that, insurance companies often dictate how a physician can treat a patient meaning your physician may not be able to prescribe the best course of treatment for a patient due to insurance coverage restrictions.

Direct Primary Care Model

Our Spin on Direct Primary Care Medicine

Direct primary care is growing in popularity because it focuses on recreating the old-time patient physician relationship. The patient provides the physician with a fixed amount for medical care without any government or insurance involvement. There are no copays or additional charges. The direct primary care model is structured to emphasize and prioritize the intrinisc power of the relationship between a patient and his/her physician to improve health outcomes and lower overall health care costs.

Our spin is that we make this model extremely affordable to everyone with a direct primary care concierge medicine model.

Benefits of Direct Primary Care

  • Convenient care that is offered at the medical practice or virtually offered through phone call, text or virtual appointments.
  • Personal care. Instead of prioritizing volume, direct primary care practices limit patients to 400-600 total patients (compared to the 2,000 – 3,000 in a traditional practice) which allows for more personalized care.
  • Patient oriented care. With the smaller patient number and direct payment structure, physicians have plenty of time to spend with each patient and can accommodate patient appointments either same day or next day. There is also plenty of opportunity for wellness and proactive healthcare. This all ultimately saves the patient money by reducing unnecessary medications, subspecialist appointments, and ER and urgent care visits.
  • Offer best treatment options. In this model, the government and health insurance companies are not modifying or dictating the course of treatment. This allows the physician to provide every patient with optimal care and treatment options.
  • Proactive, preventative care. Direct primary care encourages wellness visits due to the nature of the prepaid membership fee. Patients in this model are more apt to seek preventative care since the fee has already been paid which ultimately decreases unnecessary illness and other medical problems.

Primary Care Concierge Medicine Now Affordable for Everyone!

What was once considered healthcare for the wealthy and affluent, is now available to everyone! At AnytimeDRs we are making concierge medicine affordable to everyone! Accessing the many benefits of concierge healthcare should not just be for the rich and famous, it should be available at an affordable rate for all!

Affordable concierge healthcare enables you to have 24/7 DIRECT Access to your personal physician! Imagine texting, calling or e-mailing your physician DIRECTLY! No front office involved, no voicemails, no messages – just you and your doctor, scheduling the same or next day visit, answering questions or just following up on labs or tests!

At AnytimeDRs, there are no co-pays, no deductibles, no hidden fees, simply one low, flat rate per month, likely less than a cup of coffee a day or even your monthly cable bill! There are only two plans to choose from at $99 or $79 per month, there is no risk or long term commitment!

Life is not a race to the finish, it is a journey that should be cherished and enjoyed each and every moment, in the best of health possible! Take the first step and join the world of affordable concierge healthcare. Reach out to us and see what everyone is talking about for yourself! After all is said and done, our health is truly our greatest et, so why leave things to chance? It’s time to focus on what matters most – your health!

Experience the difference and see the results with Anytime DRs!

About Anytime DRs  and Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D.

Dr. Shawn Dhillon, M.D., DAASEM, DNBPAS, is the chief medical officer, founding member, and managing partner for Anytime DRs. He is also board-certified in both internal medicine and electrodiagnostic medicine. Dr. Dhillon set out to create AnytimeDRs in Baltimore, MD to provide convenient and affordable concierge healthcare access, anytime, anywhere, and to everyone. He is a strong proponent that concierge healthcare should not just be available to the wealthy, but also to the general working public.


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