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How Concierge Healthcare at Anytime DRs in Baltimore Works

A New Take on Direct Primary Care Medicine

High deductible healthcare plans leave patients paying thousands of dollars trying to meet their deductible. Many of these plans are no better than being uninsured until the deductible is met, and many patients can never get there before the end of the year.

Concierge healthcare puts a stop to all that. While the system is meant to be used in conjunction with a health insurance plan, you won’t be required to pay out-of-pocket every time you need to visit the doctor. Instead, you pay a membership fee that gets you access to a doctor whenever you need one. Anytime DRs is here to offer this service to the Baltimore area.

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A Focus on Preventative Care

When you join a concierge healthcare service, you get a doctor with more time to focus on you. Each membership includes a comprehensive initial and yearly preventative physical and health assessment, as well as a specified number of face-to-face doctor visits each year. You are free to schedule these visits whenever you need them, like when you are sick or have suffered an injury. You’ll get same or next-day appointments, and there are no co-pays and no deductibles. A concierge medicine system allows doctors to take fewer patients, permitting them to spend longer with each patient and focus more on preventative care, which saves you money in the long run.

Access to Thorough Medical Testing

Catching health problems early is the key to taking control of the issue before it becomes worse. Early detection can save you money and prevent the issue from causing severe medical problems. With a membership to Anytime DRs, you get access to advanced health screenings at a reduced cost. Most standard insurance companies won’t even cover a portion of these screenings. These tests include comprehensive cardiovascular screenings, bone strength screenings, cancer screenings and much more. We also offer comprehensive labwork, discounted imaging services (x-ray, CT scan, MRI) and discounted prescription drugs. Our concierge healthcare in Baltimore, MD offers you everything you need to stay healthy.

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