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Changing Healthcare: Concierge Medicine in Baltimore, MD

Getting access to quality healthcare when you need it has become increasingly difficult in our country over the years.

With a rise in high deductible health plans and a shortage in primary care doctors, patients like you are left spending money at every visit trying to meet your deductible and waiting weeks to get appointments with your doctor.

This is not how healthcare should be done. You should not be kept waiting for the care you need, and you should not be rushed out of your appointment because your doctor has an overbooked schedule. At Anytime DRs, we provide concierge medicine in to address the current problems with our healthcare system.

doctor with patient

An Unmet Need in Healthcare

Due to current insurance coverage and a decreasing number of primary care physicians, patients aren’t getting all they should out of the healthcare system, creating an unmet need.

Concierge medicine fulfills this need by providing quick, convenient, and affordable care to patients who pay a membership fee. With a membership to Anytime DRs, you get direct access to a primary care doctor when you need it, often getting same or next-day appointments. No more waiting weeks for an appointment to open up in your doctor’s packed schedule. You can get the care you need when you need it.

No Rushed Appointments

Primary care physicians have a lot of overhead costs. This financial burden puts doctors in a tight spot, forcing them to schedule a high number of patients each day to cover all their costs and make a profit. This only hurts the patients, as doctors have limited time to spend with each during their appointment. At Anytime DRs, our concierge medicine plan allows doctors to take on fewer patients. This means you get the full attention of your doctor during each appointment and can focus more on preventative care without being rushed out the door. Call us today to discuss your healthcare needs, and we’ll tell you about what concierge medicine in Baltimore, MD can do for you.

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